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How to create new gmail account and setup 2-step verification on gmail

Creating new Gmail account is now very easy but sometimes peoples get confused about it. The Gmail account is a very popular email service and bullion's of gmail users send daily email through their gmail account. Some big originations also use gmail service for business purpose. Big big thing is gmail account is free for all the users and an one can make account on gmail.
create gmail account new
If you are an android user then you know the importance of gmail account. If you want to download something from play store then you need gmail account first. If you don't have gmail account then you can not do anything your mobile. Sometimes the android phone doesn't work without email account. Like that, if you want to take benefits of google free or paid services so you also need to sign in on your gmail account as your identity. If you don't have gmail account so don't worry about it in this post I tell you how can you make gmail account easily through your computer desktop and how can create gmail account from mobile.
Sometimes you some guys don't know how can they create email account from mobile so if you are that one keep reading this post. I will teach you perfect and easy way to create gmail account.

How to create new gmail account through laptop & desktop.

To create Gmail account is now known as google account here is the process.
  • First, you can follow this link google account sign up. And open the page.
  • Here form is open now you have to fill it. On the first box write your name and surname.
    gmail account on desktop
  • Below the second box choose your user name. That is your google account identity.
  • Now choose your password what you want to set up. But must be your password have at least 8 characters.
  • Now click on the next button.
  • On the next page, you have to choose your country and fill your phone number.
  • Now in the next option put any recovery email. So if you forget any time your email password then you can get your account back.
  • Now on the next option choose your date of birth and the option is gender so choose it what you are.
  • After filling the whole form now click on next button.
  • This page has google terms and conditions so if you want to read you can do, otherwise scrolls down and click on “agree” button.
  • Now your account is created and ready to use it.
  • This account is applicable on google whole services.

How to create new gmail account through Mobile. Android & iphone.

Now we learn about creating Gmail account from mobile. In android phone very easy to create google account.
  • To create gmail account go to the mobile setting.
  • Here find account option.
  • Now click on account option and open it. 
  • Here you will find the option “add account” click on it.
  • After clicking on it you will find many login options apps. so here you have to choose “Google” .
  • Here google account sign-in page opens. Click on below “create account” button.
  • Now the next page opens. Here fill your first name and last name.
  • After felling it, click on the next button. Here you have to fill your date of birth & gender and click on next button.
  • On this page, here choose your user name that is the identity of your Google account. And you can also fill your phone number to Gmail create account. Now Click on next button.
  • Now here you have to set your password. And click on the next button.
  • On this page have, the option to put your phone number if you don't want to fill it just click on the skip button.
  • On this page have google terms and conditions so you can read it and click on “agree” button.
  • Now the process is completed and your google account is created and ready to use.

How to set up 2-step verification in Gmail account.

2-step verification is a very good feature for Google accounts user. It provides you more security layer and secures your Google account from hackers. Here is the process to activate two-step security option.
2-step verification activate
  • To activate 2-step verification on Gmail account first you have to do sign in on your google account or Gmail account.
  • Now here click on right side square button. here all google apps are opens.
  • Click on  “account” icon.
  • Now the new page opened. Here you can click on the left side security button.
  • Now find two-step verification option and click on it. After clicking it you need to sign in in your account for verification purpose.
  • Here many types of verification options are available. So you can choose what you want. Commonly peoples choose mobile OTP option. So if you choose it, you need to enter your mobile number and verify it. After verification, it is activated.
  • Now if you logged in on your Gmail account through another device which is not verified so you need to enter OTP code otherwise you can't log in on your account.

How to remove 2-step verification on gmail account

Sometimes peoples ask me how can they remove 2-step verification from their gmail account. So here I tell you about it. Follow these steps.
  • First, log in on Your google account
  • Now click on right side upper square button. Here all google apps are opens.
  • Now click on the first button that is account.
  • Now new page is opened. Here you have to click on security option that is on the left side.
    2 step verification turn off
  • Now scroll down and here you can see 2-step verification option that is activated.
  • No click on it and sign in on your google account for verification purpose.
  • Now click on top right side button that is turn off 2-verification.
  • After clicking on it your 2-step verification is disabled.

How to recover gmail account

Sometimes we forget our gmail account password so in this case, we can't gain access to our gmail account or google account. Now, what should we do, to get account access again?
  • First go to the Google account page and type your google account email address.
  • Now click on forget option. After that google ask security question if you don't set it or not remember it so you have another option which recovers your account through your mobile number.
  • If your mobile number is already added on your gmail account or google account so google just send you OTP code, and put it in the box and now you are redirected on setup password page. 
  • Here you can set up your new password.
  • After setup sign in on your account.

Final words

In this post we know about, how to create gmail account or google account on desktop and mobile and we also know about how to set up 2-step verification and how to recover gmail account.
Google gives us most of their services free of cost so you can use any service but on every service need to sign in on Google account. Now we know that how can you create google account. If you have some query related to this post so please comment below. We can respond to you as soon as possible.

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