Friday, 3 May 2019

Best android games in 2019

In this post, I will tell you about true battle royal best games. After becoming a pubg popular in the gamers world every game company has started making battle royal games. Now if you check on play store there are too many games like PUBG Mobile and also they have great download. But those games are just alternate of PUBG Mobile. If you ever play PUBG Mobile game I really sure, you enjoyed it well. But if you cannot play it for any reason like mobile problem, mobile ram problem so I tell you more games which is like the same as the PUBG game.
best android games

PUBG Mobile

Pubg mobile game is better than any other game nowadays. If you talk about its popularity, so now every age groups peoples like to play it. Some peoples play it for mind refreshing some play for enjoyment and some peoples play in their free time. When this game was launched then it is only for pc players and slowly-slowly its getting popular. After seeing it's popularity the company decided to launch it on mobile platforms Android and iOS. The Chinese company Tencent gaming comes for partnership and they made its mobile version. After launching on mobile platforms it's become more popular and it was trending in 2018 and continuing. Now they are testing its liter version for the low budget phone which have the low processor and low ram so they can also play this game.

If we talk about gameplay, so in this game you dropped from the plane in the island with 100 peoples and you have to survive till the end. When you are landing on any place you have to find weapons, bag, bullets and more thing to survive. You can play this game with your friends. this is multiple games and so you can play it solo and duo too. 

Mobile requirements to play pubg mobile game

  • In your phone have to minimum quad-core processor for better performance.
  • Minimum 3gb ram required to play the smooth game. If you play pubg game in 2gb ram mobile device then maybe you phone lag or hang.
  • Maximum phones are used Adreno graphics in their mobile device. it works well.
Download Link Is Here

Pixels unknown battleground

If we talk about this game so it has a very poor graphic. If you have a low budget phone in which you can not play pubg so you can go with it. If we talk about the game size then this game is under 100mb in play store and this is 100% free.

Rule of survivel

It is another battle royale game for the Android player. The rule of surviving in this game is a ditto copy of PUBG mobile game. In it have same graphics as PUBG and places like pubg but some few things they changed in it. In it, you can fly in the sky and kill your enemies. In this game lots of additional features added like new weapons and vehicles. It has also lag issues same as PUBG Mobile but at the end you will like to the game.
Now if we talk about its size 1.90gb. so if you want to play it so in your phone must have at least 2gb ram memory to play smooth.
Download Link Is Here

Battle royal

Battle royal is another alternative of the PUBG mobile game. In it, they use the same concept of pubg. In this game, you have to survive till the end without dying. In this game, you have to do loot to kill other players.
Now if we talk about the game graphic so it is not that much good as the pubg but if you want pubg alternative so it is good for you. Its graphics look much cartoonist. If we talk about the game size then its size is almost 600mb or more then it, and it is also free to download. You can easily play this game in 2gb ram space.


Fortnite is another famous battle royal game it is created by Gameloft company. But it is only available on pc platform for now, but the company said they launch soon for mobile devices. Now they are testing it's the beta version on iOS devices, so if you want to play then go on iOS store and join beta version download it. Its graphics are very good like PUBG Mobile. In this game also 100 players drop on the battleground and try to survive till the end. In this game, you have to get loot and kill your enemies. 
If you like to play games with your friends then you can also play with your friends also.
If we talk about game price then till now the company does not say anything about it. But maybe it also comes without any price tag.

Final words

In this post, I tell you some alternative options for the pubg game. These games are really great if you are a game lover and like to play games on the mobile device's. If I miss any battle royale game so please tell me in the comment box.
So guys hope you like this post if some suggestions about this site please tell us so we can come with more interesting topics.

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