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Friday, 17 May 2019

How to Save Video From Facebook In any Device

Save video from Facebook on your computer drive is not so easy, facebook doesn't provide any options to download videos from facebook. Maybe one of the reason is copyright issues like youtube platform but sometimes we need to download and save that video on computer and mobile to watch later while not online. So in this post, I tell you how can you download any Facebook video and save facebook video on your Android and iOS devices.
facebook video save
sometimes our friends and family videos are available on our Facebook account and we need to download it so the main question is how can I download video from facebook. So the answer is now many types of tools are available on internet to download facebook videos but only for personal use. Below I told about some online websites that provide you video downloading option from Facebook. And now also apps are available for download save video on your mobile. Let's start, keep reading it carefully.

Tools to download facebook video & save Facebook video to computer

If you want to download facebook videos on your computer or laptop direct from the internet. so below I mentions some tools and procedure to download fb videos.
  • Now many online tools are available to download save facebook videos on pc. Here is one of the best tool to download videos And its chrome extension is also available so you can install it and download facebook videos directly through this extension.
    facebook video save
  • Now to save facebook videos go on video that you want to save on your computer and click on top right side as shown on the image.
    facebook video save
  • Now click on copy video url and past url in video download tool.
  • Now click on download button. Its take some time and shows all formats that are available to download.
    facebook video save
  • Choose one format quality and click on it. Now your video is started downloading.

How to Save fb video on your facebook account

  • To save video on facebook first open your facebook and find the video that you want to save on your fb account.
  • Now click on the top of the video there are three dots shown like as an image.
  • Here the menu is popup.
    facebook video save
  • The first option saves the video on facebook so click on it.
  • Now if you want to see your saved video then open facebook and click on three horizontal line that is top on the right side. You can see in the image.
  • Now script down and find the option saved.
    facebook video save
  • Click on it and next page opens here your all saved video is present.

How to save fb video to iphone

To save videos on iPhone first download any facebook video downloading app from the app store but on app store has no app is available that help me to download facebook videos. So I’ll find another way.
  • Go to the browser and find on browser and go on site.
    facebook video save
  • Now open facebook and copy the url of facebook video that you want to download.
    facebook video save
  • Now past that URL on the site and click on search.
    facebook video save
  • After fetching video it shows option to download.

How to download facebook videos on android apk 

Now we talk about how can you save facebook video on your android mobile device. On saving facebook video on android device is quite easy. For android lots of application are available. You can simply go to the play store and search fb video downloader and playstore shows lots of applications. But it is hard to choose which application is good and trusted. So here we take video download for facebook.
  • First, download video downloader for facebook app and if you want to go with any other app then go ahead.
  • After installing app open it.
  • Now go to the facebook app and here choose video which you want to download and copy its link.
  • Now again open facebook downloader app and paste the link on it and click on download button.
  • After some time your downloading is started.

How to convert online Facebook video to mp3

Now we learn about in this part how can you convert facebook video online and download it.
First open browser and type this URL on your browser and go on website.
facebook video save
  • Now go on facebook and copy the url of video that you want to convert and download.
    facebook video save
  • Paste URL and click on download button. Now its take some to fitch video and shows all possible download options like mp4 file, 3gp file, and mp3 file etc.
  • Choose what you want to download and click on it.
    facebook video save
  • Now your video downloads and save on your local computer.

How I download a private video from Facebook?

  • To download private video from facebook quite difficult and you have to do lots of things to download private facebook videos.
  • Now go to the video that you want to download.
  • Now click right button and choose option ‘view page source” or ctrl+U to see the source page.
    facebook private video save
  • Now copy all the source HTML code and go to the
  • Now here paste the code on the box and click on download button.

Final words

In this post, we learn about how can we download any Facebook video and save fb video to our pc or mobile device's. In this post, we also know about how can convert video to mp3 file and download it.
Downloading videos from online platforms are now easy but some websites provide us direct download button and some does not provide us direct download button that why we used some tools to download and save video from online sites.
Now if you enjoyed this post and learn something from it so please share this post with your best friends and if you have some query related to this post please ask on the comment box we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.
And if you want to contribute something on our platform don't hesitate just contact us on our email. 

Sunday, 12 May 2019

How To Take Screenshot In Chromebook with Pictures

Take screenshot in Chromebook, today in this post I teach you how can you take easily screenshot in your Chromebook. Sometimes it is very easy if you know about it and if you are first time user then maybe you don't know how to take screenshot in Chromebook. In Android and Windows devices have easy to take screenshots just by pressing and holding power button+volume down key and in Windows by pressing ‘Prt sc’ key button.
Chromebook have also the same process to take screenshot as an Android. If you are a user of Chromebook then maximum Chromebook comes with keyboard and mouse like other windows and mac laptops. But in Chromebook have google os that is known as chrome os. And in it also have same feature to take screenshot by pressing power button + volume down button as an Android mobiles. So if want to know all process to take screenshot to keep reading this post. I tell you man ways to take screenshot in your Chromebook device.

Process to take screenshot in Chromebook

  • To take screenshot in any Chromebook just click and hold Ctrl + switch window key for the entire screen.
    screenshot on chromebook
  • If you don't want to capture the whole screen but some particular screen then click and hold Ctrl + shift + switch window key and by using cursor select that screen space that you want to capture.
    screenshot on chromebook
  • If you are using an external keyboard to take screenshot on Chromebook then you have to use keys Ctrl + F5 and to take screenshot of some particular screen space then press and hold ctrl + shift + F5 button respectively.

Take screenshot on Chromebook Acer

So if you are Acer Chromebook user then noting changed in it. You can use same method to take a screenshot in your Acer Chromebook.
  • To take an entire screenshot just click and hold Ctrl + switch window key. And if you are using latest chrome software then you can also take screenshot by pressing power + volume down button like smartphones.

How to take screenshot in samsung Chromebook

If you are using Samsung Chromebook then don't worry about taking a screenshot. Samsung also works the same method that I tell you above. But Samsung also give a pen for the touchscreen so on the right bottom side have extra options. When you click on pen button here several options are available and one of then is capture screen option.
screenshot on chromebook samsung

Final words

In this post, we will get information about how can you take screenshot in your Chromebook. Sometimes peoples are confused about how can they take screenshot on other brands like Samsung and Acer Chromebook. But in this post, I tell you about how can you take screenshot in general Chromebooks and also tell you about take screenshot in Samsung Chromebook and Acer Chromebook. And if you are facing some problem while taking screenshot on any Chromebook device so you can ask me on the comments I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

How can I check if is my phone rooted

Mobile root, yes, today in this post we know about what is root, how does rooting effect your smart phone, how can you root your mobile phone and if is my phone rooted so how can I check.
root check
Sometimes you need to root your android device because of some apps and also for new custom ROM install. Sometimes rooting your phone create some serious issues in your phone's maybe in some conditions your phone does not work well, as working in the past. And after rooting phones, it risky for you. Because rooting your phone give freedom to do anything with your phone and you can change anything in it basically it gives you full access on your phone. So while you are rooting your phone once think about it.

What is Android root

When you buy a new smartphone so it has some limitations for you. Companies don't want to give you full control on your phone. So they locked some features and also they do it, because of security issues. If you avoid it and Rooted your phone so the mobile warranty is expired in some cases. And the company does not give any support for the phone. And after rooting your android phone you can do changes in your phone easily. 

Best root apps for android 

If you want to root your android mobile so you need perfect information about it otherwise in some cases mobile devices are dead while rooting. So read it carefully rooting process through genuine rooting apps.

#1 Kingo root

Kingo root is one of the best apps for android rooting. Through it, you can root your mobile in just one click. Kingo root app is not available in play store but you can download it from This app is work on all android devices which have android 4.4 version and upper android versions. Kingo root is now available for pc and android both.

Android root process

  • To root android device first download kingo app from its website.
  • Now install it on your mobile device.
  • While installing kingo app you have to enable unknown source option.
  • After installing kingo app open it.
    kingo root
  • If your mobile is not rooted so it shows on the home screen.
  • Click on the button to root mobile
  • Now the process takes some to root your phone
  • After done 100% process your android device is rooted and now you can use it.

#2 Farmaroot

Farmaroot is another rooting app for Android devices. Through it, you can root your phone. But it is not working on every android mobile. If this app shows error while you are rooting your android device so quite rooting from it and find some another app.
  • Android rooting process with farmaroot app
  • First, download the farmaroot app and install it on your mobile device.
  • Now open it, after opening now do all process what it says.
  • After proper installing click on root button to root your device.
  • After rooting, it says to reboot your device.
  • After rebooting device popup root message if pop up an error message that means it does not work in your device.
  • If your device is rooted enjoy it.
Some similar apps for easy rooting my phone. If upper two apps do not work on your phone so you should try these apps.

Apps to check your phone rooted or not

If you want to check if your phone is rooted or not so first you have to install app from play store that is called root checker. After installing open this app and see in it. If your phone is rooted then on home screen message popups rotted and if your device is not root, then there are message pop-ups no rooted this device. Below I told you some root checker apps.
root check
  • Root checker
  • Root check 
  • Supersu

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting

So now first lets we talk about advantages of rooting android phone
  • After rooting you have access to do any type of modification with your phone.
  • After rooting you can uninstall any pre-installed apps from your Mobile.
  • After rooting phone, you can install any type of apps on your phone without any limitations.
  • Sometimes in some phone have stuck android so in it they can access their memory card but they can't do any modifications in it. Like moving the files memory card to phone storage and delete some data. But after rooting they can do anything with it.
  • After rooting you can install any type of custom ROM in your phone.
  • After rooting you can control your phone on your own conditions.

Disadvantages of rooting android phone

  • After rooting you can lose your phone warranty because all mobile companies don't give any type of support on rooted phones.
  • While rooting your phone you can also be giving permission to access your files.
  • Sometimes some dangerous apps can harm your phone and take any type of access.
  • Your phone security is on risk.
  • Sometimes while you are rooting your phone then maybe it becomes dead.
  • Some Apps doesn't work after rooting your phone
  • Hackers can do attacks on rooted phones.
  • Don't use any type of fund transactions related activity with rooted phone otherwise someone easily steals your card details.
  • No more updates.

Final words

In this post, we know about what is root, and if is your phone rooted so how can you check it. As I said in this post, rooting your phone is risky for you and also harmful for you. If necessary then do root otherwise I did not advise you to do root. But if you are root your phone then don't do any online payment and money transactions because with rooting phones it is some risk.
So now tell me hows this post and must share this post with your friends and family members so they can know about it. And if some queries related to it please ask me in the comment I will respond you.

How to create new gmail account and setup 2-step verification on gmail

Creating new Gmail account is now very easy but sometimes peoples get confused about it. The Gmail account is a very popular email service and bullion's of gmail users send daily email through their gmail account. Some big originations also use gmail service for business purpose. Big big thing is gmail account is free for all the users and an one can make account on gmail.
create gmail account new
If you are an android user then you know the importance of gmail account. If you want to download something from play store then you need gmail account first. If you don't have gmail account then you can not do anything your mobile. Sometimes the android phone doesn't work without email account. Like that, if you want to take benefits of google free or paid services so you also need to sign in on your gmail account as your identity. If you don't have gmail account so don't worry about it in this post I tell you how can you make gmail account easily through your computer desktop and how can create gmail account from mobile.
Sometimes you some guys don't know how can they create email account from mobile so if you are that one keep reading this post. I will teach you perfect and easy way to create gmail account.

How to create new gmail account through laptop & desktop.

To create Gmail account is now known as google account here is the process.
  • First, you can follow this link google account sign up. And open the page.
  • Here form is open now you have to fill it. On the first box write your name and surname.
    gmail account on desktop
  • Below the second box choose your user name. That is your google account identity.
  • Now choose your password what you want to set up. But must be your password have at least 8 characters.
  • Now click on the next button.
  • On the next page, you have to choose your country and fill your phone number.
  • Now in the next option put any recovery email. So if you forget any time your email password then you can get your account back.
  • Now on the next option choose your date of birth and the option is gender so choose it what you are.
  • After filling the whole form now click on next button.
  • This page has google terms and conditions so if you want to read you can do, otherwise scrolls down and click on “agree” button.
  • Now your account is created and ready to use it.
  • This account is applicable on google whole services.

How to create new gmail account through Mobile. Android & iphone.

Now we learn about creating Gmail account from mobile. In android phone very easy to create google account.
  • To create gmail account go to the mobile setting.
  • Here find account option.
  • Now click on account option and open it. 
  • Here you will find the option “add account” click on it.
  • After clicking on it you will find many login options apps. so here you have to choose “Google” .
  • Here google account sign-in page opens. Click on below “create account” button.
  • Now the next page opens. Here fill your first name and last name.
  • After felling it, click on the next button. Here you have to fill your date of birth & gender and click on next button.
  • On this page, here choose your user name that is the identity of your Google account. And you can also fill your phone number to Gmail create account. Now Click on next button.
  • Now here you have to set your password. And click on the next button.
  • On this page have, the option to put your phone number if you don't want to fill it just click on the skip button.
  • On this page have google terms and conditions so you can read it and click on “agree” button.
  • Now the process is completed and your google account is created and ready to use.

How to set up 2-step verification in Gmail account.

2-step verification is a very good feature for Google accounts user. It provides you more security layer and secures your Google account from hackers. Here is the process to activate two-step security option.
2-step verification activate
  • To activate 2-step verification on Gmail account first you have to do sign in on your google account or Gmail account.
  • Now here click on right side square button. here all google apps are opens.
  • Click on  “account” icon.
  • Now the new page opened. Here you can click on the left side security button.
  • Now find two-step verification option and click on it. After clicking it you need to sign in in your account for verification purpose.
  • Here many types of verification options are available. So you can choose what you want. Commonly peoples choose mobile OTP option. So if you choose it, you need to enter your mobile number and verify it. After verification, it is activated.
  • Now if you logged in on your Gmail account through another device which is not verified so you need to enter OTP code otherwise you can't log in on your account.

How to remove 2-step verification on gmail account

Sometimes peoples ask me how can they remove 2-step verification from their gmail account. So here I tell you about it. Follow these steps.
  • First, log in on Your google account
  • Now click on right side upper square button. Here all google apps are opens.
  • Now click on the first button that is account.
  • Now new page is opened. Here you have to click on security option that is on the left side.
    2 step verification turn off
  • Now scroll down and here you can see 2-step verification option that is activated.
  • No click on it and sign in on your google account for verification purpose.
  • Now click on top right side button that is turn off 2-verification.
  • After clicking on it your 2-step verification is disabled.

How to recover gmail account

Sometimes we forget our gmail account password so in this case, we can't gain access to our gmail account or google account. Now, what should we do, to get account access again?
  • First go to the Google account page and type your google account email address.
  • Now click on forget option. After that google ask security question if you don't set it or not remember it so you have another option which recovers your account through your mobile number.
  • If your mobile number is already added on your gmail account or google account so google just send you OTP code, and put it in the box and now you are redirected on setup password page. 
  • Here you can set up your new password.
  • After setup sign in on your account.

Final words

In this post we know about, how to create gmail account or google account on desktop and mobile and we also know about how to set up 2-step verification and how to recover gmail account.
Google gives us most of their services free of cost so you can use any service but on every service need to sign in on Google account. Now we know that how can you create google account. If you have some query related to this post so please comment below. We can respond to you as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Story Saver For Instagram Apps and For Desktop

In this post today we know about how can download the story saver for Instagram of anybody. Sometimes we like someone's story and think to download it but in the Instagram have no download options. So the question is how can I download insta story. The same problem we face when we think about downloading Instagram videos.
On Instagram have no option to download videos and insta stories. But nowadays lots of websites are present on the internet to download Instagram stories.story saver for instagram
But sometimes some websites do not work well. I was found lots of websites which gives Instagram story download feature but some are just fake or some are doesn't work, so I try to find apps for Android and iOS. There are also many apps offer downloading options but it does not work. In the end, I found one app “Insta Story Saver” that is work as well for me. But there is a problem in this app you can't download private profile stories. If the account is public so you can easily download any one story by this app. This app is really genuine and works well. Now I tell you how it is work and how can you download anybody profile insta story and profile picture. Insta Story Saver app is the best story saver for Instagram

Android Instagram story downloader

To download Instagram story first you need some third-party application. Because Instagram does not provide any option in their app to download peoples story. You can go to the play store and find ‘Insta Story Saver’ app. After find it download it.

story saver for instagram

When downloading is completed now open this app and sign in on your Instagram account through this app. When successfully signed in, you can see all the stories of your friend list.

story saver for instagram

Now if you want to download someone story so click on it. After that, you can see their whole stories and to download click on it and save the file. Now go to your phone gallery and here you can see it.

story saver for instagram

In my vision, this is a very good story saver for Instagram app. On the play store have very good reviews of story saver for Instagram app. here is the android app 

How to download Instagram videos.

If you thinking about to download Instagram videos and Ig videos so in the web have lots of third-party apps which is offered to download anybody Instagram videos and Ig videos. One of the best app is sanptube app. You doesn't find this app on play store due to some regions. But this app is genuine and very good. Through sanptube app, you can download facebook videos, Instagram videos, youtube videos and more.
To download any video from instagran first open instagran and copy any video url which you want to open the sanptube app and here paste in the search bar and click on the search button. Now after video opens now click on the side download button and after that, your video started downloading.

IOS Instagram story downloader

If you are finding story saver for Instagram for ios devices so it is quite difficult. I was finding instagram story saver for apple phone but I found some fake apps and some do not work. Finally, I got one app that name is called “repost photos & videos”. Download it. After download opens the ‘repost app’. Its interface you can see in the image. 
  • Now click on button sign in with Instagram. After clicking on it you will come on another page.
  • Here you have to put your Instagram user name and password to sign in.
  • After sign in you can see all the post of your followers and also you can see popular posts and lives.
    repost app
  • In this app, you can also find some by its user name and download its story.
  • Now click on the profile image to download their story.
  • After clicking on it you can see all the stories by posted him/her.
  • Click and go to the profile and there you can see all posted images and another tab you can see their stories. 
    repost app
  • Now click on the image to download the story and save it. It is started downloading.
  • After downloading you can see it in your phone gallery. download app

Story saver for Instagram on Desktop 

When we talk about instaram story save on your computer so it is looking quite hard but now lots of websites provide you option to download anybody story of their Instagram. This feature is first introduced in snapchat and after that, it is going to popular and to tackle the snapchat, Instagram also launches story feature and also introduce it in facebook. Now Instagram has billions of active users and also billions of users use Instagram story feature. There is users share their daily activity, photos, live streams, booming and much more. These stories are live only for 24 hours and after 24 hours it is automatically deleted. is the best website to story saver for Instagram. In it, you can download insta story by putting his user name. Now I tell you how can you download Instagram story anonymously.
  • First, go to the and here are open page and here is one search box.

  • Where you have to type user name which person you want to download their story.
  • The profile is must be public, if the profile is private then it does not work.
  • After typing the user name now you can see their story.
  • Now you can click on the download button and its done.
  • If you want to download Instagram videos and Ig videos on a desktop so this is the best Instagram video downloader. 
  • To download Instagram video first, you visit on
  • Now here put the URL of the video and click on the download button. After the process is done the video is automatically started downloading.

Final words

In this post, I was trying to solve the problem story saver for Instagram. Many peoples want to download posted stories but some have does not know about it. And some doesn't find the perfect app to Instagram story saver. Through these apps which I told you above you can save anyone’s Instagram story. These are 100% genuine apps.
Now tell me about this post if you like it then share with your friends and family members if you have some suggestions for us then please comment below we can work on it. Or some query related to this post you can also ask in the comment we will try to solve it soon as possible.